Born in 1969,  Arthur Edwards gained a Queen's Scholarship to Westminster School and graduated from Oxford University in 1991.

He spent three years managing a bakery where he worked with young adults with learning difficulties before taking a teaching post at a Waldorf School in Berlin. On returning to the UK he established his own business working as a cook and became involved in the fair trade movement, as convener of the Oxford Fairtrade Coalition and as a regional representative for Shared Interest, which provides loans and banking services to organizations that aspire to trade fairly.

In 2000 he founded the Oxford Economics Forum and for the past 5 years he has been working directly with associative economics, completing a diploma in 2004 on The Viability of Associative Economics and establishing the Talking Economics Project as a means to communicate economics as an ongoing conversation. He has given workshops on money at various international youth conferences around the world, convened seminars and regular public discussion fora in the UK and written a paper entitled Citizenised Central Banking: From Gold To Golden Rule.

He has a particular interest in accounting and financial literacy, especially in schools, for which he has developed a role playing activity entitled Building The Road You Are On. He co-edits Associate! , has undertaken Masters level research into Rudolf Steinerís idea of three kinds of money in accounting and is presently engaged in doctoral research at Bristol University. Married with two children, he currently lives in the West of England.